The End of Fear


01 – The Great Reset

history shows that
epidemics have been
the great resetter of countries’
economy and social fabric
so why should it be
different this time?
so why should it be
different with Covid-19?
a seminal paper
on the consequences shows significant effects
for more than 40 years
this is in contrast to wars
that have the opposite effect:
wars destroy capital while
pandemics they do not
this is the GREAT RESET
in the first scenario, the initial wave that began in March 2020
is followed by a series of smaller waves that occur through mid-2020
and then over a one- to two-year period, gradually diminishing in 2021
like “peaks and valleys”
ha, ha, haa
as with all new risks
that are agents of fear
this makes anxieties
that impacts economic behaviour
one misleading cliché
about the virus resides
in the metaphor as Covid-19
as the great leveller
it has exacerbated
pre-existing conditions
of inequality wherever
and whenever it strikes
as such it is not a “leveller”
neither psychologically
nor economically
or medically or socially
this is the GREAT RESET

02 – More

more, more, more
we want more
we need to catch
the highest score
we need cars
we need speed
we need beer
we need meat
fuck the world
the perfect disaster
from this day on
we are runnig faster
more, more, more
we want more
we want more
we need girls
we need fight
we need muscles
big in size

03 – Get rid of the Shit

we all know that it ain’t no good
we all know that we are hooked
social media control our brains
social networks make us insane
smash you smartphone … BANG
delete your reddit … BUMM
get out of facebook … GOODBYE
get rid, get rid, get rid of the shit
we all know they manipulate us
we gave them our hearts & souls
if you’re not paying for the product
you know then you are the product
don’t you think the time is right
I want money, I want ovations
I don’t need your fucking likes
I want meat, I want emotions
I don’t need no fucking smileys
smash you smartphone … BUMM
delete your reddit … BANG
get out of facebook … GOODBYE
get rid, get rid, get rid
get rid, get rid, get rid of the SHIT

04 – Ugly

ugly boys
and ugly girls
have fun
connected every minute
to a mobilephone
open bottles
fun for
youtube heroes
couch potatoes
comfort zone
she is, he is ugly
rule of three
and me
and me
and a,b,c,d,e,f,g
stupid conversation
influenzer videos
arrogant behavior,
tic toc baby show`s
babyfat and tangas
smiling little dicks smiling little dolls
on chinese videos
she is, he is ugly

05 – Idiot World

they say it’s more
than just the sum of the parts
so start a drone
with a camera on board
and get that thing
above the heads of us all
give us the bigger picture
and make us understand
what is going on
in the idiot world
I presume it is just a matter of fact
would you deny that you don’t know
nothing about that
take your time and reflect
about my tricky point
take your time and let pass by
that buffy joint
let’s get high
in the idiot world
if you’re born in the wrong place
at the wrong time
you better walk at your own pace
in personal space
it is really not a big crime
to be yourself
in the idiot world
to those who went before us
we declare
that we make it here
or make it elsewhere
let’s all scream out loud
from the belly and the guts
let’s shout out loud
our idiot prayer:
we all are nuts
in the idiot world

06 – Chinese Battery Factory

cut down this forest
burn everything down
blow up this mountain
to build a new town
make room for the future
clear the way
stamp down mother nature
it can’t stay that way
working in the chinese battery factory
let’s earn some more dollars
we got to survive
ignore all the cameras
installed all around
you must not complain
you got to strive
get out of this misery
of which you blame yourself
let’s make much more money
economy must grow
I’m the bear you’re my honey
let it bleed and flow
let’s build the silk road
all around the globe
let’s boost control
over the sinophobes
forget the dirt and the poison
and the lousy pay
let’s ignore Mr. Tencent
Wechat is the play
no way to escape
for the modern slave
better buy the nicknack
for your early grave

07 – Fourth Industrial Revolution

many of us are pondering
when things will return to normal
the short response is: never

a crucial moment in history
accelerating velocity
elite folks of the industry
about to design your destiny
already in the midst of calamity
pandemic threaten democracy
jugglers of uncertainty
believers in technology
shut down society
press-gang sobriety
better pull your socks up
for the fourth industrial revolution
panoramic view of anxiety
media addle the bourgeoisie
leadership of economy
camouflaged as ecology
scenting the opportunity
play hide and seek the strategy
power & money dynasty
causing worldwide bankruptcy
systemic connectivity
financial market prodigy
johns hopkins university
iniquity and poverty
protesting against complexity
moore’s law dictates the policy
disruption without latency
harmony versus anarchy
shut down society
press-gang sobriety
better pull socks up
for the fourth industrial revolution


Bonustracks from the Single SKINWALKER

08 – Arise a Rose (B-Side)

we are indivisible
we are ambisexual
sudden say go separate
sudden we go isolate
desperately needed
extreme parcour
in the realm of bliss
missing illegitimate
excessively go alternate
arise a rose
arisen rose
a brazen rose
an aryan rose
even though
I‘m here with you
no longer
I can stay with you
less tender tender-tenness
never the less in happiness
see the light
inside of my dirty hands
the black outside
is were it ends
cymbal space
and a higher plane
inside of my brain
a brighter lane
a coral neck
a little song
so very extra
so very Susie
which is pretty
great Emily
sweet and good
and nice to all
Jack Rose
lily ice-cream
curtain cousin
murmur pet
& pat ten patent
resting bull pin
next to a frame

09 – Skinwalker (A-Side)

you’re feeling awkward
& you are locked-in
you want to take
the pressure away
the flesh is weak
& you walk the sin
you are a freak
and I let you in
in love with the devil
in love with the evil
listen to your body
and start to feel
the holy fire
& the burning desire
hell boy kill hole
purging release
quick as a shot
at the point of the pistol
you’re a shape shifter
you’re a changeling
hear the call of darkness
& the prayers for dawn
now you are sleep walking
& you walk alone
heading for the hot spot
& I let you in
now you walk with the devil
now you walk with the evil
love is a monster
but who is the hostage?
now more than ever
in the gear of bondage
dear blood father
you’re out of control
feel the holy fire
running thru your vains


all music and lyrics by Nobs Nietzsche
execpt „More“ & „Ugly“ by Steve Delay
„Chinese Battery Factory“ by Steve Delay and Nobs Nietzsche

lead vocals by Nobs Nietzsche
except Steve Delay lead vocals on „More“ & „Ugly“
all solo guitars by Steve Delay
execpt second solo guitar on „Get rid of the Shit“ by Nobs Nietzsche
all noize guitars by Nobs Nietzsche

lyrics of „Arise a Rose“ are a cut-up, inspired by the poem „Sacred Emily“
by Gertrude Stein with additional lines by Nobs Nietzsche
lyrics of „The Great Reset“ are quotes taken from the book „Covid-19, The Great Reset“ by master of the universe, his holiness KLAUS SCHWAB

written, recorded and produced in 2020-2021 during the GREAT CORONA HYSTERIA
mixing & mastering by Steve Delay & Nobs Nietzsche in La Hoube & Cologne 2021
coverdesign by Nobs Nietzsche
bonustracks „Skinwalker“ & „Arise a Rose“ from the Single „Skinwalker“

so motherfuckers … we done our best, now you do the rest!